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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Welcome to the new We hope you enjoy the changes to our site! The new design incorporates our concept of a security portal for home users and professionals alike. Security Storm will still offer services and products, but thanks to our acquisition by SLP Ltd, is finally able to realize the dreams of its founders: a complete online security resource center.

Security Storm will be back soon and in full force. Expect to see new products and the opening of new security services as this year comes to a close. We would like to thank our audience and customers for staying with us over these four years.

APS 2002 Released
Cerebrum LE 2002 Released
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Security Storm Relaunches Site With New Services

Patterns Emerging
Plaxo behaves almost like a worm, spreading from computer to computer and adding personal information to a shadowy database in the sky.  The unfortunate part...
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New email worm detected (F2) - 11.25.2002
Anti-virus software maker F-Secure has reported the presence of a new email worm called Winevar. The company has ranked it as a level 2 alert - a new worm causing large infections which might be local to a specific region. The worm was found in the wild in South Korea towards the end of November. It was apparently released during the AVAR 2002 Conference (Anti-Virus Researcher's Asia) in Seoul.

On the Microsoft FTP server leak (The Register) - 11.22.2002
Microsoft made customer details - along with numerous confidential internal documents - freely available from a deeply insecure FTP server earlier this month. A well as numerous PowerPoint slides, such as Linux Vs Windows comparisons and .NET strategy papers, Microsoft "published" files an estimated 11 million customer email addresses and seven million snail mail address on the server.

Microsoft warns of security hole (ZDNet) - 11.22.2002
Microsoft has issued a "critical" security bulletin which said the company has discovered a security hole in its software which would let cyber-attackers run programs on Web servers and computers in homes and businesses. The software giant on Thursday said that users of its Windows operating system, except for its latest Windows XP version, as well as users of its Internet Explorer, were vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Really critical hole in Microsoft Web software (The Register) - 11.21.2002
Just one day after raising the threshold beyond which it considers security vulnerabilities "critical", Microsoft Corp released a security advisory saying there is a "critical" hole in its browsers and web servers that could cause serious problems, even if it is patched.

Patch slip-up raises security questions (ZDNet) - 11.21.2002
Following a recent debacle over a widespread software vulnerability, administrators are worried security is taking a back seat to secrecy and money. The questionable handling of a fix for a recent widespread software vulnerability has some administrators worried that developers can't be trusted to make security a top priority.

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