Security Storm
Thursday, October 3, 2002

Security Storm creates secure solutions; whether administering a network or restricting user access, our products will aid you in your mission. Security Storm's flagship products, Cerebrum and Synapse, create a new level of ease in network administration and security. Cerebrum, the network administrator, simplifies the Microsoft Windows Network administration task.

Over the coming months Security Storm will be releasing several new products.  Look forward to seeing Illuminate, our Windows Network User Auditing tool and Synapse our security alert system providing our customers with the latest security news and bulletins and solutions to their problems quickly and easily.

>> Cerebrum LE 2002

Our research and development department is continually writing new software which falls into that category of "that would be great to have".  The security tools below are simple tools that make security tasks easier to perform.  From locking a legacy desktop to scanning your network for web servers, we offer many tools that are free for download.

>> Desktop Lock

>> Pulse

>> Server Scan

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