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Application Black-Boxing
A key aspect of application development is being certain that it will do exactly what it is designed to do, in any environment.  Our team of developers will create test environments and use in house applications to run tests to check your application for performance, stability, and security under many simulated environments. 

Code Review
The first step to making sure that an application will be secure is designing it to be secure.  Our team of security software architects will work with you to analyze and update your application's code to ensure that it will be free of common programming mistakes which lead to exploits such as buffer overflows.  New code and changes will be recommended as we work with you to maintain functionality and usability but ensure that your code is secure and ready for the real world.

Internal and External Penetration Testing
To test your network against a real world break-in, our security team will run a series of penetration tests, from the outside and the inside.  Although it is not required, a penetration test from inside the network shows your company what a disgruntle employee would be able to do.  Many companies, who are attacked, are done so by either current or past employees.  The goal of penetration testing is to find the optimum security level for your network which allows for usability but is still focused on security and keeping malicious users out.

Remote-access Assessment (war-dialing)
Remote access is a great service for workers who are not able to be at the office do to business trips, family, etc. but it can lead to unauthorized access problems.  A technique employed by malicious users called war-dialing uses the phone to dial-up other computers and attempt to gain access to them.  Whether the attack is planned or your remote-access number was dialed randomly your system can be compromised quickly and easily by malicious users.  Our security team will run a series of tests to analyze your remote-access security and then work with you to implement security changes to prevent unwanted access to your network through your remote-access service.

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