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Analysis of Your Information Security Program
Working with you, our team of security experts will analyze your current information security policies and their effectiveness.  We will recommend policy changes based on your company's environment: from the offices themselves to the servers which host your databases and intranet.  From there we will point out flaws and loop holes in the policy and work with you to create a better, more secure policy which still allows for corporate efficiency.

Complete Network, Host, and Infrastructure Assessment
The security of your servers, computers, and network plays a major role in overall network security and that is why this aspect is so important.  Our team will analyze your network and computer security looking for common security short-fallings such as lack of updates, loose user policies, unnecessary services, or vulnerable applications.  Our team will then point out what is safe, what must be changed to ensure security, and what must absolutely go due to security risks.

Penetration Testing
To test your network against a real world break-in, our security team will run a series of penetration tests, from the outside and the inside.  Although it is not required, a penetration test from inside the network shows your company what a disgruntle employee would be able to do.  Many companies, who are attacked, are done so by either current or past employees.  The goal of penetration testing is to find the optimum security level for your network which allows for usability but is still focused on security and keeping malicious users out.

Social Engineering Tests
A common technique employed by malicious users is a psychological skill called social engineering.  Social engineering is knowing what to say and do to get people, specifically a common employee or even a network administrator, to divulge mission critical information or passwords.  Once your new security policies are in place, our team of security experts will attempt to retrieve vital information from your company using social engineering.  These tests will evaluate the effectiveness of the new security policies as well as test your employees' handling of data and sensitive information.

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