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A secure electronic infrastructure is absolutely essential to any company's privacy. Our security team design and implement solutions that cost-effectively integrate security across and beyond your enterprise.

We provide a top tier security infrastructure with authorized identity management and best-of-breed technology vendors.  All to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, improve business management, and improve security controls for measurable return on investment.

An integrated security solution addresses your company's need for certainty in the areas of authentication, authorization and entitlement. An integrated security solution identifies the user, determines what the user can do, ascertains the level of trust each user should receive, protects your organization's information, and alerts you if your information has been compromised.

  • Identify the best security software products for you or implement those you've selected
  • Design a flexible, scalable, transparent solution that combines maximum user management with minimal administration
  • Test your system, roll it out, and work with you to ensure ongoing integrity
  • Deliver your e-business security project on time and on budget.

Our security integration services include:

  • Intrusion Detection System deployment
  • Firewall designing and configuration
  • VPN and remote-access design and deployment
  • High-availability network design
  • Security of operating systems
  • Centralizing user stores and deploying single sign-on solutions
  • Implementation of strong authentication (biometric, smart card, tokens, etc.)
  • Desktop standardization

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